Tainia Beckles


Playing pan is a very exciting experience for me. It makes me feel happy and relaxed.

It’s a great feeling to know that all these people are clapping for you and your bands talent. It’s brilliant to be part of pantonic, it makes me feel proud. I love it! I even enjoy packing and unpacking pans because of the fact that it makes me feel part of the band and it stops me from just sitting at home and doing nothing.


The band gives me a chance to socialise with people other than my friends. It has let me visit places that I have never even heard of, and places I would have never even thought of performing in. For instance, when pantonic performed in a mansion! Pantonic has even introduced me to different types of songs.


Pantonic is perfect, however I would like to see the band get bigger and even perform stronger to be able to perform in panorama (which is a competition that takes place every year). I would also love to be able to travel and perform in different countries around the world. Lastly, I would love to practice pan in a bigger and less busy place so that we will be able to practice more than once a week.

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