Saffron Lee


What  do you get out of the band?

Well playing pan is a very fascinating thing to do, because instead of being at home watching television, you get the chance to socialise with other people in your life including family. Playing pan is like passion to me, I cannot give up playing pan because you get to experience going to fun interesting gigs and see different people from different cultures and to show off your talent to them, also it gives you the confidence to perform around different people around the city. Playing pan makes me feel different emotions, when I’m feeling blue about something playing pan cheers me up because of the sound of it. It changes my feelings and it makes me feel very good about myself. When I started playing for Pantonic I was on the Tenor pan, however I found this pan very hard and soon I lost interest playing the Tenor. So I decided to have a go at playing the Double seconds and it came out that these pans are the best pans for me.


How can you improve the pan?

We need to improve on discipline; follow basic rules and instructions. This is quite frustrating for the leader who has made an effect to teach us. We need to commit to the band the same way as the leader does. We need to have a much more bigger and pleasant place to practise, where all of the pans can fit without hassle. Its safer to get a bigger place where we can practise because, no one will end up getting hurt or accidently tripping them self up.


What does the band do for me?

The band has improved my confidence and memory. I am always excited to tell my friends about the band and try to get them interested in joining the band or a least to come along to one of our gigs to experience what we do.  Also playing pan has kept me very close to my family, I always look forward to seeing them every Sunday which makes my day.

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