Rahmel Lee


What do I like about being in the band?

The band has allowed me to socialise with people from all generations and backgrounds; being part of Pantonic is a vital part of my life. Playing pan since the age of 11 has dramatically enhanced my confidence and focuses on all aspects of my personal development. Learning current tunes to old classics, adding to the bands repertoire has made the band grow for the better. Contributing towards the arrangment of different songs for the band and performing at concerts and festivals including ‘The Olympic Torch festival’ in Walthamstow, and taking part in the world records event ‘1000 Pans’ at the Thames is a memory I’ll always take with me.


How can the band grow?

To make the band stronger than what it already is, I think recruiting more players to Pantonic will be beneficial to the solidity of the band; big enough to take part in greater events. The addition of people to the band will mean an investment of a bigger venue to practice at.


What impact has the band had on me and my life?

The band has impacted my perception of academic music studies at A-level, the rules I’ve learned in music theory tends to always be broken when composing/producing beats or arranging songs for the band; being experimental has enhanced my creativity. Sharing the experience with friends, family and the country who appreciate what the band is about is a boost we’ve always needed. Having our own logo and uniform allows us to stand out from other orchestra's, reflecting on the raw talent and determination our band is made up of. 

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